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lørdag 20. mai 2017

Selfies for dummies - Lesson 1 and 2

I'm virtually a selfie virgin myself as it's only a few weeks ago I started to take selfies. Ofcourse I tried before, but looked like I was dragged out of the wood on most of them so it did'nt do it very often. It didn't actually make my self confidence bloom. But suddenly after discovering the capsule wardrobe there was a need for selfies. Looking at a photo and looking in the mirror on an outfit is 2 different things, for some reason you can judge better from a photo I think.

Lesson 1
I've seen all the pretty selfies when people take a photo of themselves from above, I tried,but always ended up thinking my arms were to short when holding up my arm and trying to hit the photo button. Even lost my phone a couple of times in the attempts, but one day by accident I touched the screen and found that I took a photo which actually looked half decent. So first lesson is: You can touch anywhere on the screen to take the photo. You don't need really long arms. Here's a few shots of me that I'm quite happy with.
Lesson 2
Do not under any circumstance take a selfie from below, that will only make you loose any confidence and show off all your double chins even if you don't have one.

A photo like this will not only ruin your day, but also your reputation. Ah now I ruined mine.

I do prefer to look like this instead.

Hope this lesson was helpful to someone.

Until next time.


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