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lørdag 13. mai 2017

My LCHF journey

Today it's one year ago since I started my LCHF journey, and what a journey it's been. One thing is what you can see on the outside, but far more important is the things that happened inside. My general  health is now so much better, for instance I had a fatty liver and my liver values was much to high. Actually my doctor adviced me to cut the alcohol and pain killers of the paracetomol type.  I just had to laugh because I drink a couple of glasses of wine maybe once a month and pain killers I use like maybe twice a year. I really did'nt think that would effect my liver values at all. Now one year after my liver values are on the low side of the normal range. I could given a couple more examples of the benefits of the LCHF lifestyle, but I think these photos are evidence enough that this has been really good for me.

This is me February last year, I was classified as obese, people were often fooled by my face and arms, so no one thought I cold be obese but I was. My BMI was 31.

This is me today in the same blazer. I've lost about 30 pounds, and my BMI is 25. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could ever wear size Small or Medium ever again, but now I can.

One of the best things is I think it's been quite easy. Of course I have to be very aware what I eat, but I actually have been for years counting calories. Now I count carbohydrates instead of calories and it's much better as it actually works.

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