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søndag 23. september 2012


Autums is here, where I live it has rained all september exept from the past 3 days. It's days like today that makes it all worth it, we forget that the rain has poured down in buckets day after day after day. Right now I really don't long for any other place to be, but if you asked me a couple of days ago it would be an entirely other answer.
I would have said I long for the beautiful Blue Cave a little outside the Island of Vis in Croatia. I would have loved to swim in this cave, but unfortunately that was not allowed in the tourist season. We had to go in in small boats, the entrance was so narrow we had to bend down in the boat to avoid hit our heads. The light in the Blue Cave or Modra Spilja as it's called in Croatian is wonderful. It can be seen only between 11 and 12 when the sun shines through an underwater entrance and creates this spectacular blue color. 

This is my contribution for this weeks Mandagstema at Helenes place.

søndag 2. september 2012

A piece of my county

 This is a little piece of my county which is Hordaland west in Norway. The photo is from the mountains in Myrkdalen near Voss. We climbed this mountainside last summer, very steep, but so beautiful.
We have a small cottage in the mountains, infact very small with no electrisity and no toilet. Here is the view that meets us when we open our door.
This is also part of our view, the milkmaids lived here all summer, Now the cows are gone, the milkmaids history and the cottage has fallen down. Soon it will be nothing left of this building.

Photos of other countys you can find HERE