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tirsdag 17. april 2012

A Greek Moment

This is probably as Greek as it gets. This pic was taken last summer in Lefkes a wonderful, little town in the mountains of Paros. 

This is my contribution to the challenge Street Photography.

 You can find more faboulos street shots HERE.

fredag 13. april 2012

Heavenly Paris

Last week we spent a few days in lovely Paris, I was mesmerized by this wonderful city and enjoyed every minute of our stay.

Seeing the Eiffeltower by night was spectacular, Paris showed itself from it's best side and even the moon smiled. 

This is my contribution to Himmelsk #80 and Skywatch Friday.

Fake your beauty

Yesterday I tried out a new, free photo editing program. It was really easy to use and have a lot of cool effects.

I tried it out on a photo of myself, a self portret taken about 2 years ago.I tried the makeup program and magically all wrinkles disapeared and my complection became much smoother. I wish this could be done in real life too.

I added on some rouge and mascara,brightened the eyes and changed the eyecolor a little. A little Frost effect around the edges a couple of butterflies and a frame and voila I'm a new improved woman. All in a couple of minutes.

Here is the program:

I also tried some og the effects, here is the Warhol effect. Cool.