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torsdag 26. januar 2012

Heavenly in Warzsaw

Last year in may I was on a girly trip to Warszaw. Lovely city, and we had a great time. The weather was absolutely wonderful as you can see from the pic.

           For some reason this photo reminds me of the song Lily Marleen

Vor der Kaserne, vor dem grossen Tor
stand eine Laterne und stand si noch davor
So woll´n wir uns da vieder seh´n
bei der Laterne wollen wir sthe´n
"Wie einst Lily Marleen"

I like the German version the best, and that is also the original written in 1915. In 1944 the English version was made. Funny how this song became popular at both sides. Here is one verse of the English version. 

Underneath the lantern,
By the barrack gate
Darling I remember
The way you used to wait
T'was there that you whispered tenderly,
That you loved me,
You'd always be,
My Lilli of the Lamplight,
My own Lilli Marlene

11 kommentarer:

  1. A nice sky!
    I wish you a Happy Friday!

  2. Wonderful photo! Have a nice evening!:)

  3. I Think I can se why Lily Marleen popped up.
    Besutiful picture.

  4. Mmm Lilli Marlene yes.. ;)
    Sounds familiar to me hehe :)

  5. Lovely city, indeed.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Its seems like you found some buildings that have a history - so as Lilli Marlenes song :0) Nice shot ! Have a nice weekend ! :0)